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Videobloger began to make parodies of celebrities and for two weeks he visited “Evening Urgant”, “Mayak” and Life

He is sure that he was paid attention after the publication of the clip in the Kirkorov instagram.

Kirill Nechaev and Ivan Urgant. Photo by @ ne.chaev
Kirill Nechaev and Ivan Urgant. Photo by @ ne.chaev

September 18, guest of “Evening Urgant” on the First Channel was the Yekaterinburg video blogger Kirill Nechaev, who re-sings famous songs with the voices of celebrities. For two weeks the musician has been on the airs of Life, radio “Mayak” and Avtoradio, although from the beginning of August he released only four parody videos.

Parodies of Monetochka, Kirkorov and Buzov

Nechaev records covers on popular songs, parodying voices of celebrities like Philip Kirkorov, Dima Bilan or Alsu. His most popular video is dedicated to the track of singer Monetochka, sung by the voices of Russian rockers, including BI-2, Mumiy Trollm and Boris Grebenshchikov.

In other video Nechayev remade the songs of Olga Buzovoy, Elgeya and Philip Kirkorov – each of them scored up to one million views. Although in Nechayev’s instagram, the same videos become more popular . On the western YouTube format parody songs are popular for at least five years, and the most famous video bloggers in the genre are Ten Second Songs and Yanina Chiesa .

Interview on TV and radio after approval from Kirkorov

As Nechaev himself said, views under the videos began to grow after one of the videos in his instagram was published by Philip Kirkorov. “Then Buzova wrote on my page that she really liked it, and Bilan, I was also very surprised. Lena Temnikova subscribed to me, said: “You are very talented,” I was in shock, “- said videobloger.

At the beginning of September, Nechaev was invited to several broadcasts at once. On September 6, the video blogger came to the stream to the Life channel, on September 7 he gave a live concert of parodies on Mayak radio, September 13, spokeat Avtoradio, and on September 18 appeared in the “Hello, Internet” section in “Vecherny Urgant”.

“I decided through my experiments to promote my social networks and attract the audience”

Nechaev confirmed to that the stars of Russian show business and federal media drew attention to him after Kirkorov’s post.

After the video from Kirkorov was the largest influx of proposals and invitations. And even more began with the release of a new video. That is, this format became interesting for our show business. When we were called to Urgant, we also did not expect that it would be so – that in a month you can get an invitation to such a transfer.

Kirill Nechaev
videobloger and musician

In a conversation with , the video blog producer Alexei Panin explained that they are engaged in music together since 2013, but before they did not achieve the desired result. According to him, the musician also bought advertising in public at VKontakte, but only for the first video.

Starting with the second video, they just started publishing everything themselves, without advertising. Content, as they say, people went. Appreciated the famous people, picked up the media and TV channels. We were open to everyone and tried our best to attend the broadcasts.

Alexey Panin
producer Kirill Nechaev


Nechayev in conversation with Urgant and Life did not hide that he began to make videos on YouTube in order to become more popular. Prior to that, he was the vocalist of NEVA from Yekaterinburg, then he started solo work: for example, he wrote a hymn of volunteers “Russia is a country of opportunities”.

I was in search and quietly wrote my music in Yekaterinburg. I came up with the idea that you can promote social networks with the help of some format to attract the audience. Now it is quite difficult to make it just songs without finance.

I wanted to come up with something viral that could shoot and reach more audiences. And I came up with this chip with musical experiments. It is far from new, but I have never seen such a thing in Russian.

Kirill Nechaev
videobloger and musician
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