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Two players of Spartak Liked the video in Instagram with criticism of the coach. Then they were removed from training

One of the strangest scandals in Russian football.

Andrey Eshchenko and Denis Glushakov. Photo by RIA Novosti
Moscow “Spartak” temporarily suspended from training midfielder Denis Glushakov and defender Andrei Eshchenko, said the “Championship”. They will miss the team’s first match in the current Europa League against the Austrian Rapid.

Representatives of the team did not name the official reason. According to the fans and sports journalists, it is not a violation of discipline or law, but of huskies under the record in Instagram with criticism of the head coach of “Spartacus” Massimo Carrera.

The essence of the scandal because of husk

September 16, “Spartacus” unexpectedly for many suffered the first defeat in the current Russian championship – 1: 2 Grozny “Akhmat”, also on the home arena. Glushakov and Yeshchenko, former players of the Russian national team, took to the field in the 73rd minute.

Now, “Spartacus” is criticized for the weaker in comparison with last season game in the Premier League and departure from the Champions League. After the defeat of “Akhmat”, the actor and fan of the team Dmitry Nazarov (TV series “Kitchen”) published in the video a video where in verse criticized the coaching abilities of Carrera: “How much do we need shame to exhaust gratitude?”.

Then the users of Instagram found that Eshchenko put a live video under this video of Nazarov. Glushakov also put the likes of the record in the fan blog of “Spartacus” with a reprint of a poem about Carrera. Yeshchenko later cleaned his own.

In the comments, the fans of “Spartacus” condemned the behavior of the players for the fact that they put the husky instead of, for example, expressing an opinion on the coach in his face. Has got itself and Nazarov: “At night I saw, how I was watered [for a verse]”.

The situation with the likes of the players of “Spartacus” was written by the largest sports media. Some admitted that Glushakov was punished for a whole list of conflicts, while others called for the football player to leave the team.

Attempts by football players to explain their position

In addition, that Eshchenko removed the “like” mark from Nazarov’s record, he no longer reacted to the situation. Spartak fans reported that the footballer explained the position to one of the fans in Instagram’s personal messages: “I love LaPak as if you or you do not understand it” (spelling is preserved).

Glushakov said that “leafing through the tape, quickly put it, did not study the text and went on,” and also called it “the usual fast scrolling tape, which you yourself do every day.” The player of “Spartacus” stressed that his likes refer to the photograph with Nazarov in the cap of the charity action “Foundation for Fighting Leukemia”, in which he himself participates.

Footballer also accused journalists of contempt for themselves because they paid attention to this situation. “Laiki are displayed publicly. And I know that. I’m not an idiot that, realizing this, putting a kid in public on a post with a collision on the coach, “- said Glushakov.

On , Glushakova’s excuses were called weak because a football player with a 300,000 audience in social networks is not equal to a simple fan, and his accusations against journalists are controversial, because Instagram has become a part of the athlete’s brand in the modern world.

One of the main rivals of “Spartacus” has already reacted

Petersburg “Zenith” published a video five years ago, in which the head coach of the team Sergei Semak reads the poem of Anna Akhmatova in 1962 “And you still have little Russian.” Under clip hashtag – # Only GoodStreet .

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