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Twitter told about the manipulation of tweets and the introduction of spam

Representatives of Twitter told about the experiment, in which users see in their tapes tweets from accounts for which they did not subscribe. This is reported in the  company’s blog .
Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at a meeting at the company's office
Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at a meeting at the company’s office

The company said that it is constantly improving even such service bases as a tweet tape, which allows to stay informed of everything that is happening in the world. In order to improve this user experience (and increase the involvement of its audience), Twitter sometimes conducts experiments, which it claims not immediately.

October 17 representatives of the company told about the mixing of tweets in the tape from accounts to which the user is not signed, but whose messages may be potentially interesting to him. According to Trevor O’Brien, the product director for Twitter, there are situations where a user can simply skip something that he or she may like, and the company can use its analytics to show him the messages that he receives did not give a direct consent.

In order to determine whether it is worthwhile to show tweets of user accounts unknown to the user, Twitter uses several factors: the activity of profiles, followed by a person, the popularity of tweets and how other microbloggers interact with them. According to O’Brien, testing showed that most people like to receive tweets from accounts that they are not subscribed to.

O’Brien noted that some of the experiments conducted by Twitter do not affect 100 percent of the user base of the service: they are usually tested on a small sample. If the experiment participants became the majority, then it made the use of the service more interesting and relevant, concluded the director for the product Twitter.

The fact that Twitter began to enter the tapes of alien tweets, it became known on August 20 after the changes  noted the publication Quartz. It turned out that for some users the function of adding to favorites began to work as retweet: their subscribers began to see what they kept for themselves.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo clarified how this function works: if a user repeats the tape twice through a mobile application twice and during that time does not receive any new tweets, a special algorithm “pulls” the new content from adding other accounts to the favorites. According to Costolo, re-updating the tape is a clear signal that the person does not have enough content.

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