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Twitter began to fill the user’s tape at its discretion

Twitter more and more reminds Facebook: following the redesign of profiles and the rate for images and hyphas, the microblogging service began to introduce an algorithm that adds content to accounts from accounts for which it did not subscribe. This is reported by  Quartz .
As the newspaper notes, recently users began to notice that tweets from accounts for which they did not subscribe were added to the feeds of their news on Twitter. As it turned out, Twitter recently updated the reference  section “What is a Twitter feed?”, Including in it new rules for forming what users read.

In addition to the tweets from the accounts subscribed to by the user (including retweets and ads), other tweets will now appear in the news feed, which the microblogging service may consider “relevant.”

When we find a tweet, a subscription-worthy account, or other popular or relevant content, we can add it to your stream. This means that sometimes you will see tweets from accounts that are not subscribed. We select each tweet for a whole set of characteristics, including how popular it is and how much people in your circle of communication interact with it. Our goal is to make your ribbon more relevant and interesting. Twitter Help

In most cases, these “additional” tweets in the tape so far are the fact that they have added to the favorites accounts for which the user is subscribed. As  bloggers notedon August 18, Twitter changed the way some of the users’ favorites work: when they added a tweet to their favorites, it was displayed on their subscribers in the main stream, as if they retweeted it.

Such actions of the Twitter management raised the issue of privacy: users opposed the fact that others saw them in many ways the personal tweets that they add to their favorites. Apparently, this problem is not worth it – Twitter is going to “make public” only what it considers more viral and public.

Previously, Twitter functioned differently: users saw in their main tapes only what they subscribed to, and in strict chronological order. Recently, the service has introduced the “Discover” tabs and “Activity” tabs next to the main ribbon in the mobile application, trying to provide more diverse content. About this desire, the head of the product Twitter  said in December 2013, but did not specify that as a result of extraneous tweets will fall into the main tape.

Changes in the algorithm for displaying tweets in the Twitter news feed resemble the familiar Facebook method of work, which also actively interferes with the formation of the user’s tape. However, by default, social network, on the contrary, removes some content from the tape, using mysterious algorithms selecting only the most “important” records.

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