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“This is a different situation”: Putin explained why a shot down plane will not be followed by the same sanctions to Israel as against Turkey

The federal channels also refrained from accusing the Israeli military.

Photo by Alexei Druzhinin, RIA Novosti

Vladimir Putin called for not comparing the crash of the Il-20 in Syria with the shot down Su-24 of Turkey. The president said this at a press conference after talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, reports RIA Novosti.

Then the Turkish fighter deliberately shot down our plane. Here, rather, it looks like a chain of tragic accidental circumstances, because the Israeli plane did not knock ours.

Vladimir Putin

As a response, Putin promised to strengthen security measures for Russian military and facilities in Syria, which “will notice everything.”

Political programs on federal channels also did not categorically accuse Israel.

  • In the ” 60 minutes ” on “Russia 1”, experts noted that an “adequate reaction” is needed and it is not necessary to “shoot down Israeli planes” in response, but it is also possible to “break diplomatic relations with Israel” without leaving “it with impunity”;
  • In the ” Reaction ” on NTV, the experts asked the Russian military to check why the pilots were not warned about the danger, called the incident “a tragic accident” and added that it was necessary to blame “those who pulled the trigger”;
  • In ” Time will show ” on the First Channel, experts said that it is necessary to wait for “the reaction of the Israeli forces” and to find out why they did not warn Russia about the attack. At the same time, the program mentioned that Israel had “no reason” for its actions, because this could provoke the outbreak of war.

In the evening of September 17, the Syrian air defense forces shot down the Russian Il-20, according to the Ministry of Defense, 15 Russian soldiers were killed. According to the Defense Ministry, the Israeli pilots “irresponsibly” substituted a Russian plane for attack.

The Israeli authorities expressed their condolences in connection with the crash and death of the crew of the Russian Il-20 aircraft, and they blamed the Syrian authorities for the incident.

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