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The user of “Dvacha” turned into a show the observation of people through the webcams of their hacked computers

An anonymous participant of the image gallery “Dvach” for several days is engaged in shadowing users through the remote administration utility. His work he turned into a show, broadcasting what is happening through YouTube.

Broadcast dvucher for several days organizes on a special service Synchtube , combining video from YouTube, chat and a system of donations. Judging by the video, he has access to several hundred users (most from Russia) through the LuminosityLink system, officially designed for remote administration of computer networks.

With LuminosityLink, the hacker remotely activates webcams on devices, records audio from a microphone and actually has full access to the computer. In the broadcasts, he is entertained, opening in the browsers of users of gay porn, while they are looking at the screen, or by showing the page in “VKontakte”, after which the personal messages of the victim run into other dvuhchery.

Sometimes a hacker turns on music through VKontakte. In one of the cases, he thus specifically woke the owner of the computer. In the background, LuminosityLink periodically takes pictures from webcams of infected computers, which allows the hacker to quickly monitor interesting victims in his opinion.

Most users for a long time that the hacker controls the computer before their eyes, almost does not react – apparently, do not understand what is happening. Many simply launch an antivirus: in a number of cases after the activation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus the hacker lost access to the computer, some simply turn off the Internet.

According to him, not all users react so calmly: one day the owner of the hacked computer called the police. Incorporate antivirus hacker initially did not interfere, but then brought a number of names in the list of forbidden to launch programs.

How the access to computers was obtained, the hacker does not disclose. The audience noted that most of the computers installed the program MediaGet – a free utility for downloading videos from the Internet. In the announcement of his show on “Dvache” the author of the broadcasts advises not to download such applications: 90% of such programs are distributed by viruses.

During the 26th and 27th of April, the hacker conducted three broadcasts on his YouTube account , but in the latest broadcast he stated that the video hosting administration periodically blocked his accounts.

Who conducts the broadcast is not exactly known: judging by the time on the computer of the hacker, he lives in the time zone of MSK-5, although he could set the time specifically. During streams, he repeatedly paid special attention to users from Belarus, and also spoke about “potato Internet”.

A number of spectators mentioned a certain Dmitry Shalashov: probably, it is a hacker who for several years published in YouTube video reviews of specialized utilities and various tips for conducting attacks. The voice of Shalashov in these videos is similar to the voice of the author of the broadcasts. On his page in “VKontakte” as the place of residence indicated Moscow.

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