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The ROC agreed with the Pope that sex is a “gift of God.” But only in marriage

The Catholic Church asks young people to protect themselves from porn, and the Orthodox Church – from “fornication” outside of married life.

Dimitry Smirnov. Photo «Radio Radonezh»

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church agreed with the Pope of Rome that sex between a man and a woman is a “gift of God,” but only if it happens in a marriage. The chairman of the Patriarchal Commission for Family, Protection of Motherhood and Childhood, Protopriest Dimitry Smirnov , informed the radio station “Says Moscow” .

The entire device of man is the gift of God. Sex is a component of love. But only love in marriage. Like a dinner, like a dream, like a shower, like bathing in the sea.

Sex, like getting pleasure out of wedlock, is fornication and adultery. This is a violation of God’s plan for man. This is a sin, and mortal.

Dimitry Smirnov
Chairman of the Patriarchal Commission on the Family

On September 18, Pope Francis Francis, addressing a group of people in France, noted that sexuality is not a taboo, but a gift from God. But he asked teenagers to prothttp://Pope called sexualityect themselves from pornography and seek real love.

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