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Research: 42% of bitcoins have not been transferred to other accounts since December

Research resource Diar studied statistics on the situation with bitcoin, which now costs about $ 6,300 per unit. It turned out that 87% of coins are on purses with a minimum of $ 60 thousand. 55% of the bitcoins of the total number are on the accounts with the sum of a million dollars in transfer to fiat money.

Moreover, 42% of the bitcoins did not pass to other accounts since December, when the Crypto-currency kept at around $ 19-20 thousand. Although now the rate and less than about three times, the owners of bitcoin clearly hope for the growth of the value of coins and do not rush to part with the savings. A third of the bitcoins in general always remained on one purse.

According to Coinmarketcap, the total market capitalization of the Crypto-currency is about $ 197 billion. More than half of this amount ($ 109 billion) is accounted for by bitcoin.

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