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“Pivnushka on the fly”: users of “Dvacha” watched the beer bar in Moscow for two days

Within a few hours they found their favorite clients, whose “story” is especially interesting to watch.

Screenshot from Ivideon

Anonymous members of the image-board “Dvach” watched the beer shop in Moscow for over 24 hours via a video surveillance camera. They connected to the public stream on the site for video surveillance Ivideon, to monitor the regular customers and discuss those who come for alcohol.

From the institution is streamed through cloud-based video surveillance Ivideon – it is used by many large companies like ” Dodo Pizza “. On the official website of the beer store is a link to the broadcast , so that customers can at any time follow the events inside.

The institution is on Sculptor Mukhina Street in the Moscow district of Novo-Peredelkino. Judging by the Camteria service , the camera has been installed at least since the summer of 2017.

Broadcasting on Ivideon comes with sound, but due to poor quality and street noise it’s almost impossible to discern what customers are talking about. Because of this, users of “Dvacha” in the beginning discussed who the drinkers who are similar to, and how the institution looks like.

From the actions of customers internal memes have developed, which have been used outside the context. Two girls who look at the comments below, the grandfather who was painted with a cloud with a replica, a woman who came after a soda, and an intelligent who keeps away.

Users of “Dvača” watched the beer house for more than a day, so the number of customers has increased noticeably. Simultaneously, the participants of the image-board noted that this is one of the most “epic” threads for a long time. There are some abstract jokes: for example, someone does not understand who will volunteer to spend the evening in such an institution.

By the evening of September 18, the official “Dvacha” in “VKontakte” told about the third with the supervision of the pub . After that, the broadcast was disconnected several times or loaded with strong bugs. Probably because of the influx of new viewers. Soon the discussion on the site also stopped: many old users do not like the community of image boards, so they did not continue to watch. They accused administrators of “killing” the thread because of the attention of the new audience.

On “Dvache” often organize a series of observations of public places or institutions. But sometimes users follow the apartments of random people: in 2016 one of them hacked several computers and arranged an online show, scaring strangers and talking to them.

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