Only 2% of Apple device users bought a smart HomePod

Apple HomePod sales began in February, and analysts have already prepared reports on the success of the smart column. Judging by the data of CIRP experts, there is nothing to boast about to the Cupertines: their device occupies only a six percent share in the native American market.

Experts explain this state of affairs by two factors. First, the company released the column rather late. Although the market is developing, similar solutions from Amazon and Google have long been released – many bought these devices. And smart speakers serve for years: they do not change like smartphones. Only 2% of owners of other Apple technology purchased HomePod.

Another good reason is the high cost of the column. Officially in the US, it costs $ 350, which is more expensive than the models from competitors. Market analysis shows that buyers choose inexpensive solutions. For example, more than half of Amazon Echo users purchased a compact and budgetary Echo Dot, and 40% of Google Home’s audience preferred Home mini. In addition, in approximately every third house there are several smart-speakers at once.

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