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Kalashnikov will supply Rosgvardia with 10 Stena complexes for protection against the “aggressive crowd”. Here’s how they look:

In the latest version, water jets were removed due to “excessive injuries”.

Photos here and further of the concern “Kalashnikov”

“Kalashnikov” put in Rosgvardiyu 10 complexes “The Wall” to the end of the year, saida representative of the group. According to him, special cars are designed to “block the aggressive crowd from the riot police” and “the ability to knock down the heat.”

After the trials with the participation of the Moscow OMON, “Kalashnikov” removed water jets from the complexes because of “excessive injuries”. In which particular regions will send “Wall”, it was not specified. Specific units will be determined by Rosgvardia, for which they specially created these complexes.

The main goal of the complex is to reduce losses among Rosgvardia employees.

a representative of Kalashnikov

“Wall” is an armored “KamAZ” with a cabin, which is lined with sheets of metal, and the glasses are equipped with metal grilles. On the machine there are devices for photo and video recording, as well as “means of sound pressure”. Instead of the body, a system is set up, which turns into a barrage with small holes for the OMON officers in 3.5 minutes. Machines, each of which in working condition occupies 7.5 meters, can block the whole street.

A similar complex was already displayed on the streets during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, but it was never used. For the first time, “Kalashnikov” presented a new version of the “Wall” in late August.

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