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Instagram removed the publication of Habib Nurmagomedov about the conflict with Timati because of hostile statements

Service saw a violation of the rules in the entry with the phrase “Every creature will answer for their words.”

The Instagram moderators removed the publication of UFC soldier Habib Nurmagomedov from September 10 with a reaction to the conflict with Timati and Yegor Creed. The athlete told about this in the “stories” of the service.

Instagram considered the recording of Nurmagomedov violating the rules of service because of “hostile statements.” In case of a repeated violation, the athlete’s account may be blocked.

In a remote record, Nurmagomedov stressed that he had not given up calls to boycott the concerts of Black Star artists, and explained that he would continue to voice opinions on all topics. The fighter did not mention Timati and Creed, but reminded the men of Dagestan that they were responsible for the future of the republic, and “not all petushars”.

Every creature will answer for its words, it’s just that I do not care for you, but if someone does not like my calls, you can not answer them, I do not force anyone, but to tell me I’m not allowed to have my opinion is ridiculous, what the devils will not tell me what to do and what not, for this I have other people with whom I consult and whom I listen to.

Habib Nurmagomedov
MMA fighter

September 9, Timati’s musical label Black Star canceled the concerts of Creed and MC Doni in Dagestan because of threats in social networks. Timati linked thereaction of local residents with the influence of Nurmagomedov, although he first spoke about unrelated to Black Star musicians and criticized the label’s artists only after the disruption of the concerts. After Timati summoned Habib to a dialogue, the athlete responded with insults and stated that he would not give up his words.

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