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In Russia, they will create a separate cellular network for the siloviki and officials

Tele2 planned to provide employees of state bodies with communication.

Russian officials and security forces will receive by 2024 their wireless network, which will be used for publicly significant facilities. “Vedomosti” learned about this in the passport program “Digital Economy”, which was approved by the government.

The source of the publication noted that the possibility of creating such a network has long been discussed. However, the 450 MHz band required for the project is used by T2 RTK Holding and belongs to the Tele2 operator. The company confirmed that they plan to participate in the project and work with the government.

The network will work on LTE-450 technology: it allows you to set priorities for groups of subscribers, work as a walkie-talkie and transmit video. For fast connection, a “minimal” number of base stations is sufficient.

The interlocutor of the edition added that the siloviki and officials will be able to use special applications for smartphones designed for internal needs. The total cost of creating a separate LTE-network is estimated at about 73.4 billion rubles.

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