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Hackers adapted dishwashers for DDoS attacks and mining

Kaspersky Lab specialists for the first six months of this year found three times as many malicious software for attacks of smart devices as compared to the whole last year. Judging by the old statistics, the trend is only gaining momentum. Hackers are increasingly using Internet devices things, and it’s not just about smart cameras or TVs. In the risk zone, even dishwashers.

So, in the past half-year, 33 dishwashers were attacked. Usually, hacking occurs through the selection of a password: people rarely change the manufacturer’s code. Because of this, hackers easily access the gadget. Typically, such attacks are committed from Chinese and Brazilian IP-addresses.

Usually smart dishwashers and other household appliances are used for DDoS attacks and for crypto-currency mining. In addition, there are cases of interception of traffic to retrieve user data like login and password.

To infect household appliances with a virus is easier than a computer. Kaspersky Lab’s experts note that smart device manufacturers are not paying enough attention to the security of such devices, while their popularity is growing.

Standard precautions: change the factory password to your own (must be long, with digits and different character registers), update the firmware of the device and block access from the external network if it is not needed.

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