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“Habrahabr” was the first Russian company to disclose statistics on authorities’ requests for users

The requirements were presented by Roskomnadzor, the FSB and the UK.

The administration of the collective IT community “Habrahabr” published areport on the statistics of requests for public services and departments. According to the “Roskvsvobody”, “Habr” made it the first in Russia.

“Transparency report” covers 2013-2018, but in 2014 there were no requests. According to the report, representatives of Roskomnadzor (five times) and MVD (four times) addressed the “Habr” most often. Also, the community received requests from the Federal Security Service, the Investigation Committee, the Federal Security Service, the bailiff service and the Federal Drug Control Service, which was abolished in 2016.

Over the years, Habrahabr granted 30 requests from the authorities, two of which appealed. Another nine requests the site rejected.

Four times Roskomnadzor intended to include “Habr” in the register of prohibited sites, and several agencies at different times asked for some information about users. Also, the site once required to block access to the account. Details of each of the requests were not specified.

The updated version of the requests was placed in a special section of the site. “Habrahabr” reminded that it must comply with the law, because it is in the register of organizers of information disseminators.

It has long been lost counting how many conspiracy theories we read while separating Geektimes from the “Hub”, shuffling the hubs, combining back and moving into the .com zone.

To the observer from the side, such castling may indeed seem strange. We did not conceal that one of the reasons for the permutations was, among other things, the desire to protect “Habr” from possible legal troubles, but this made even more doubtful of some.

And the lack of information in troubled times only breeds guesses that such a large project as “Khabr” can not be deprived of the attention of state bodies and rights holders and that we precisely to the left and right are merging data on everyone who has incurred a careless minus.


“Habrahabr” disclosed the statistics of requests against the backdrop of a series of lawsuits against users of social networks (most often, “VKontakte”), which is attributed to extremism or insult to the feelings of believers.

In August, VKontakte announced a section on user data, but has not yet launched it. In this section, they promised to cite the statistics of the authorities’ requests.

Transparency report is produced by many foreign IT companies, including AppleGoogle , Twitter , Facebook and Microsoft . Such updated reports indicate information about the number of government requests, for example, to delete content or provide information about users.

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