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“From love to hate one step”: the famous Turkish chef began to hate because of Nicholas Maduro

Chef Salt Bae fed the President of Venezuela.

After removing the video from Maduro from the account in the instagram Salt Bae now also cleared in twitter evidence of how Maduro is weaving his famous steaks. Here’s the video, if you have not seen it yet
President of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro together with his wife Silio Flores dined at the Istanbul restaurant Gokce’s Nusr-Et, where they served the famous chef Salt Bae on the Internet. Because of this, the chefs began to hate social networks.

Cooks condemned the US Republican senator Marco Rubio and said that the chef Nusret Gekche fed the “fatigued dictator” of the country, in which one third of the inhabitants eat once a day, and the babies suffer from malnutrition. The senator also published the number of the famous chef. After that, he received calls with threats.

Also on the chef appeared a bunch of cartoons

“You should feel shame”

“A graphic portrayal of Maduro’s disgusting mockery of the hungry and impoverished Venezuelan people, not to mention Chef Salt Bae. To him I say: you are also a shame. He put seasonings and meat in front of those who laugh daily at the sufferings of Venezuelans ”

“Hey, you, Nusret, a gift from Venezuela. Shame on you!”

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