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For several years, Russian media have been writing about the end of the world because of the planet Nibiru. In social networks are waiting, but nothing happens

The next apocalypse due to a clash of a mythical planet with the Earth was appointed on September 19. And the last end of the world was in August.

Art, showing the collision of Nibiru with the Earth

September 19, some Russian media reported on the entry into the earthly atmosphere of the mysterious planet Nibiru (or “Planet X”), which allegedly could crash into Earth and make the end of the world. “Obviously, a clash of planets will lead to a catastrophe of incredible destructive power – that’s why the public is hiding this information,” they wrote on the REN-TV channel website.

However, federal publications have reported for several years about the onset of the apocalypse because of the mythical planet, which conspiracy theorists associate with the Sumerian predictions. Because of this, each new end of the world (for the last month there were already two) social networks are met with jokes about Nibiru.

Brief chronicle of the disappearance of mankind.

December 3, 2015, ” “

December 24, 2016, the ” Star “

January 7, 2017, ” “

April 8, 2018, ” “

July 23, 2018, ” Mir24 “

August 26, « VistaNews »

September 18, 2018, the ” Moscow Komsomolets “

September 19, 2018, ” The Fifth Channel “

The editions refer to ufologists, former NASA employees, representatives of British intelligence and authors of scientific works, but British tabloids are the most likely source. In the West, the arrival of the planet Nibiru since the 1970s is told by supporters of conspiracy theories. And NASA and other experts in the space field have to constantly refute data on the imminent apocalypse.

“Planet X” does exist – it was discovered by astronomers Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin just in early 2015. But it is outside the orbit of Pluto and is not yet going to destroy the Earth.

Nibiru, like other planet-destroyers from the news – Internet myth. If Nibiru were real and headed to Earth, then astronomers would have followed her for the past decade. And it would be visible to the unaided eye.

from the statement of NASA in 2012

One of the last “ends of the world” was to come on August 16. In social networks they prepared, but Nibiru did not collide with the Earth.

Later a new date appeared on September 19. And again nothing.

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