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Archaeologists have found the parking lot of the Endeavor barge of James Cook. The ship should be in the same place

Archaeologists of Rhode Island approached an important find. Presumably, they were able to find the last haven of the Endeavor ship, which in 1770 James Cook reached Australia.

Later this bark was used by the British Royal Navy, and then together with other ships it was abandoned in 1778 in Rhode Island. The head of the search project Cathy Abbas said that, in advance, they found the Endeavor.

So far, from loud statements, archaeologists have abstained, but this Friday they will hold a press conference. Apparently, at the same time, experts will officially announce their findings.

It is planned to raise the wreckage of the ship by 2020.

Previously, archaeologists had already announced the possible discovery of Endeavor, but the information was not confirmed.

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