Actress Elisabeth Olsen described how she spent her semester in Russia. She tried vodka and learned a Russian mat

True, the meaning of some words the girl understood literally.

Careful, obscene vocabulary!

Actress Elizabeth Olsen, known for the role of the Scarlet Witch in the movie Marvel, appeared in Conan O’Brien’s show and described how she spent her semester in Russia as a student. According to the girl, she came to the country in 2009 before the events in Ukraine, “homophobic laws” and scandals with the Olympics.

The actress noted that Russia was then “much more attractive” country. According to Olsen, Russians are “incredible people” who have experienced “insane” things.

In Russia, the actress first tried vodka, being a minor under American law – at that time the girl was 19 years old, and in the United States the sale of alcohol was allowed from 21 years. According to her, in Russia they think that vodka treats everything. Olsen described how she was forced to drink vodka when she had a stomach ache, but noted that she did not remember if it helped.

The actress also learned a few mother words, and taught some of them Conan O’Brien. True, she did not understand the meaning of some words, for example, “nahoy” as she says means “on the penis”, and “pizdets” – a female vagina.


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