Volvo introduced an electric truck tractor without a cab

Volvo Trucks / YouTube

Swedish company Volvo Trucks has presented a prototype Vera – it is an electric truck with an autopilot, in which there is no driver’s cab, due to what the tractor was made more compact and lighter. Like the previously presented FL Electric model, Vera can overcome up to 300 kilometers on one charge,  reports  Electrek.

Unmanned trucks began to be developed several years ago, and their first commercial flight made this vehicle in 2016: then the tractor company Otto  drove 160 kilometers in unmanned mode, carrying beer Budweiser. Since then, automobile companies have upgraded prototypes of unmanned cargo vehicles. For example, the Swedish company Einride last year proposed tocompletely get rid of the driver’s cab, making the tractor robotic, and recently showed an unmanned electric locomotive.

Reducing the size of the tractor by getting rid of the cab can help significantly reduce the weight and dimensions of the vehicle, so Volvo engineers decided to remove the cab for the driver. Their fully autonomous truck tractor Vera is controlled through a cloud service.

As for the basic parameters of transport, they completely repeat the earlier presented earlier this month electric truck  Volvo FL Electric : it is based on an 185-kilowatt power plant with a two-speed gearbox, and it can travel up to 300 kilometers on one charge. However, unlike FL Electric, which is scheduled to begin sales in 2019, nothing has been reported about the tests and plans for the Vera series production so far.

Earlier this month, Volvo Cars (engaged in passenger cars and owned by the Chinese holding company Geely) introduced the concept of the 360c unmanned electric car without a rudder and pedals, the salon of which can be turned into a room for work or even a bed.

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