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The Weather Channel reporter was too dramatic about the report on the hurricane. The canal blamed wet grass for everything

The journalist on the air showed that he struggles with the wind and the rainstorm, while people in the background were walking calmly.

The main theme of September in the United States is the hurricane Florence, considered one of the most powerful in recent years. The main blow to yourself was taken by the state of North Carolina: at some point more than 600,000 inhabitants of the region remained without electricity.

From North Carolina, journalists from American television channels regularly appeared on the air, telling about the consequences of the hurricane. One of these plots attracted the attention of Twitter users: Weather Channel veteran Mike Seidel in the frame barely kept on his feet and hardly resisted the wind. But then in the background two teenagers in shorts calmly passed, proving that in fact the weather was not so terrible.

The video became viral, and Saydela was reproached for “busting with drama” during the airing. The American reporter just known fact that over 25 years of work, he often was in the midst of natural disasters during his subjects.

“And Oscar gets …”

“The Queen of Drama”

“Even the weather has fake news”

“Do not let truth stand in the way of good history”

“He deserved the Oscar for it.”
There were parodies of replaying the reporter during the hurricane.

Sidel did not answer the questions about the report, but continued to cover the hurricane in his twitter. But the commentators constantly remembered the drama in that story.

“Was Seidel a guy who coped with a strong wind while two teenagers in shorts strolled behind him?”

Later representatives of the Weather Channel stood up for the protection of the employee. In everything, the grass was to blame.

It is important to note that two people in the background walked along the asphalt. And Sidel tried to keep the support under his feet, standing on the wet grass.

from the Weather Channel application

Why did Seidel prefer to stand on the grass during the broadcast, and not on the asphalt, the representatives of the TV channel did not specify.

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