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The US accused Russia of involvement in the murder of his brother Kim Jong-Yin

But they have not yet provided proof.

Kim Jong-Nam. AFP photo

Updated: the note contains an incorrect TASS quote. The US did not accuse Russia of involvement in the killing of Kim Jong Nam .

US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley said that Russia helped the North Korean special services in the killing of Kim Jong-Nam, the half-brother of the current leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un. Her words lead TASS.

Helly filed charges at a UN meeting on sanctions against Pyongyang. The American diplomat also said that Russia is “deceiving” the United Nations with respect to North Korea and helps the country bypass sanctions on oil supplies.

When North Korea performed the killing of Kim Jong Nama, it was [done] with the assistance of Russia, which transferred biological substances to North Korea.

Nikki Haley
Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations

Kim Jong-Nama was killed in February 2017 at the Malaysian airport with the help of nerve agent VX. In 20 minutes the cousin of the DPRK leader died.

In Malaysia there is a lawsuit over the alleged performers: Aisha City from Indonesia and Doan Ti Huong from Vietnam. They face the death penalty. Girls deny guilt and claim that they were framed. According to the suspects, they thought they were taking part in the rally.

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