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The suspect in the murder of her brother Kim Jong-no said that she was paid $ 90 for a “rally”

25-year-old Indonesian City Aisha (Siti Aisyah) received $ 90 for the killing of Kim Jong-Nam, half-brother of Kim Jong-un. This was stated by Indonesian Ambassador Andriano Ervin, who visited Aisha on Saturday, February 24 in Kuala Lumpur.

City Aisha. EPA photo

Erwin spoke with Aisha for half an hour, but only briefly told the press about the essence of the conversation. According to the suspect, unknown people who “looked like Japanese or Koreans” paid her 400 Malaysian ringgits (about $ 90) for taking part in a televised rally.

For the drawing, AIChE was allegedly given a liquid similar to baby oil, which had to be smeared on the man’s face. Prior to this, the head of the Indonesian police saidthat Aisha and the second suspect, Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong, before that sprayed liquid on the faces of other men.

It is assumed that so the girls were checked before the killing of Kim Jong-Nama, and they were recommended to close their eyes at the moment of sprinkling. The Malaysian police claim that the girls knew exactly what they were doing and were instructed to immediately go to the toilet after the murder to wash off the dangerous liquid.

Vietnamese officials also met with Doan Thi Huong on Saturday, February 24, but the details of the conversation were not disclosed . Neither she nor Aysha were charged.

Doan Thi Huong. Reuters photo

It is believed that the killing of Kim Jong-Nam could be beneficial to Kim Jong-un himself – he could have eliminated a rival on the bloodline that could take the place of a North Korean leader, the BBC reports. However, Kim Jong Nam himself allegedly never wanted to lead the DPRK and was generally far from his family, but he lived in Macau, China and Singapore.

The North Korean ambassador in the only commentary for the media only demanded that the body of the deceased North Korea be immediately extradited, but did not even specify the name of the deceased. The authorities in Malaysia did not officially blame North Korea for the preparation of the murder, but four of its citizens were put on the wanted list: they allegedly supplied Aisha and Huong with the liquid, and after the murder they quickly left Malaysia.

According to the Malaysian police, Kim Jong Nam was poisoned with the help of a nerve agent VX, a component of chemical weapons. The use of VX is prohibited by international agreements on the use of chemical weapons, but North Korea did not sign such agreements.

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