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The plane of the Ministry of Defense with 14 military disappeared off the coast of Syria

According to CNN, he was shot down by the Syrian troops, when they repelled Israeli strikes.

The Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft with 14 servicemen disappeared over the Mediterranean, the Ministry of Defense reported. On board the aircraft were 14 military, their fate is still unknown.

The connection with the plane disappeared on September 17 around 11:00 Moscow time, when the IL-20 was returning to the airbase Khmeimim. The command of the base organized a search and rescue operation.

According to the military, the Il-20 mark on the radars of aviation control disappeared “during the attack of four Israeli F-16 aircraft on Syrian targets in Latakia province.” At the same time, Russian radar equipment recorded rocket launches from the French frigate Auveregne, which was in the area.

According to CNN, Il-20 shot down Syrian air defense, which reflected the shelling by Israel on the province of Latakia. This source was told by a source familiar with the situation. Another source confirmed to the TV channel that Israel had attacked Syria with missile strikes. The US Defense Ministry stated that they had nothing to do with the rocket fire of Latakia.

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