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Sweden decided to buy rubbish from Russia

Swedish Ambassador to Russia Peter Erickson announced the intention of the Scandinavian kingdom to buy rubbish from Russia. In an interview with “360”, the diplomat said that Swedes were interested in solid household waste (MSW), more than 60 million tons of which are formed in Russia every year. By the way, this is almost 400 kilograms per inhabitant of our country. In the Scandinavian state, SDW is recycled into expensive energy using Waste-to-energy technology.

As an example, the diplomat cited data for 2015, when 14.7 terawatt-hours of thermal energy and 2.3 terawatt-hours of electrical energy were generated from garbage. At the same time, the ambassador specified that in Sweden more than two million tons of garbage is burned every year, however, this is not enough to produce ecological energy, therefore the country is forced to buy garbage abroad.

Now the Scandinavian country has three main partners: Norway, Great Britain and Italy. From there, about 1.3-1.5 million tons of solid household waste are exported annually, which allows Swedes not only to receive cheap energy, but also to earn money for waste disposal.

It is noteworthy that in Sweden the level of garbage processing has already reached 100%: more than 50% of garbage goes to reuse, about the same amount of waste is sent for processing, and 0.8% turns into energy sources.

The Ambassador stressed that Sweden is ready to share its experience with Russia and hopes that the parties will be able to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation in the sale and purchase of garbage.

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