SpaceX will send to the moon of the Japanese billionaire Yusak Maedzavu

The first space tourist, whose company SpaceX intends to send a mission to the Moon in its reusable rocket BFR, will be the 42-year-old billionaire Yusaku Maedzava ( Yusaku Maezawa ), the founder of the largest Japanese online store Zozotown clothes. The flight is scheduled for 2023, announced the founder of SpaceX Elon Musk at a  press conference on Tuesday.

SpaceX announced plans to organize tourist flights to the moon in February 2017. It was expected that two people who had paid a “significant deposit” at that time would travel on a satellite around the Earth in 2018 aboard the manned spacecraft Dragon 2, the launch was planned to be carried out using the Falcon Heavy rocket. However, later it was decided to postpone the flight until the moment when the BFR  – a reusable booster rocket, which SpaceX plans to use for flights to Mars in the future will be built .

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