Oscar-2018: the main moments of the Academy Awards Ceremony

Harvey Weinstein, recheck the envelope and Zvyagintsev again without a reward.

Photo by Lucy Nicholson, Daily Beast

The list of winners can be found here . Also readers conducted the broadcast and discussion of the ceremony.

the Red carpet

Traditionally, the “Oscar” began a few hours before the opening ceremony: the movie stars came to the theater Dolby in Los Angeles, passed along the red carpet and showed new clothes.

British actor Daniel Kaluya, who starred in the film “Away”, posed with Chadwick Bosman from the “Black Panther”.

Reuters photo

Also, the founders of the #MeToo movement were invited to the ceremony .

Reuters photo

Singer Andra Day decided that standing on the red carpet – it’s too commonplace.

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Jennifer Lawrence obviously likes to pose.

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Margot Robbie behaved a little more modestly.

Reuters photo
Reuters photo

But Emma Stone decided that wearing a dress on the “Oscar” – not necessarily.

Reuters photo
Reuters photo

On the red carpet spotted the main Hollywood Jedi Mark Hammil. It is unclear whether he was overjoyed or not.

Reuters photo
Reuters photo

In the nomination “Best Dress”, it was definitely won by Whoopi Goldberg.

Theme of harassment in Hollywood

The presenter of the ceremony for the second time in a row was TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel. In the monologue opening the award, he went through some actors, shooting at American schools and last year’s confusion with envelopes in announcing the best film. One of the main themes of the monologue was the story of harassment in Hollywood.

The Academy, as you know, took action last year and ruled out Harvey Weinstein. There were many excellent candidates, but Harvey deserved it most. It’s cute. I’m sure he will appreciate your applause. I was curious. You knew that the only person who had been expelled from the Academy before was Carmine Caridi. He shared copies of paintings that he was sent to view, and received the same punishment.

What happened with Harvey Weinstein – is long overdue. We can no longer tolerate this behavior. The world looks at us. We need to set an example, and if we succeed here, we can join forces and stop sexual harassment in the workplace.

Jimmy Kimmel
Oscar winner

Also Kimmel in his speech noted the success of the film “The Black Panther”.

Meryl Streep and Memes
One of the main memes of the “Oscar” was the image of the actress Meryl Streep – he reminded social network users of the God Fairy from the cartoon “Shrek 2”.

In 2017, a shot from the USA Screen Actors Guild Award with Meryl Streep, screaming something from the audience, became a meme. In 2018, she repeated it.


Victory of the film about Russian doping

The best documentary was “Icarus” – a picture of Brian Vogel on the systematic use of doping in Russian sports. After awarding, Kimmel joked that “Putin did not influence this nomination.” “Oscar” from “Icarus” caused discontent among users of social networks from Russia.

Zvyagintsev – again without an Oscar

In the nomination “The best film in a foreign language” came the film “Dislike” of the Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev, but the statuette was received by the “Fantastic Woman” of the Chilean Sebastian Lelio. In 2014 Zvyagintsev was nominated for an Oscar for Leviathan in the same category, but he also won nothing.

Hot Dogs for Cinema Visitors

During the broadcast, the moment was shown how Jimmy Kimmel, Gal Gadot, Armi Hammer and other celebrities came to the cinema, where people watched the movie “Time Crack.” The movie stars thanked the audience and started distributing hot dogs to them.

Figurine from a professional basketball player

Award for the best short animated film received the picture “Dear basketball” – a screen version of the poem of the famous American basketball player Kobe Bryant, written in 2015.

Bryant is a five-time champion of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and a two-time Olympic champion. In social networks noted that the athlete now has more “Oscars” than some famous actors.

14 nominations – and the first “Oscar”

British operator Roger Dickins received the award for best camera work – he shot “Blade Runner 2049”. Prior to this, Dickins was one of the Oscar record-breakers in the number of losses in the nomination.

Until 2018, he was 13 times in the short list of the best cameramen with the films “Escape from Shawshank”, “Fargo”, “The Old Men Are Not Here” and other paintings.

Musical numbers

The song “Remember Me” from the cartoon “The Mystery of Coco” won the “Oscar”. Miguel and Natalia Lafurkadah performed it at the ceremony.

Also there were songs from the films “Farm Moundbaund”, “Call me by your name”, “The greatest showman” and “Marshall”.

Speech by Francis McDormand

Francis McDormand (“Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri”) received an “Oscar” for the best female role and in her speech asked to stand up all the women represented in the nominations of the prize. She noted that all women have stories worthy of funding by the producers.

Jokes about envelopes

In 2017, the Oscar organizers mixed envelopes, so Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway mistakenly called the best film La La Land, and not “Moonlight” and then corrected. A year later, there were not any references to the moment: Kimmel asked “What can go wrong?”, Beatty and Dunaway were called again on the stage, and Guillermo Del Toro, the director of “Forms of Water”, just rechecked the envelope just in case.

“What the fuck is” The shape of the water “?”

The victory of the painting del Toro in the category “Best Film” was not accepted by all.

Broadcast from “Film Search”

In Russia, the whole ceremony was officially shown by “Kinopoisk” with comments in Russian. But some users of social networks complained about frequent broadcast interruptions. Other users noted that they did not face technical problems.

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