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Israel accused the Assad regime of destroying the Russian Il-20 and expressed condolences over the death of the crew

The authorities promised to cooperate with the Russian government.

The Israeli authorities expressed their condolences in connection with the crash and death of the crew of the Russian Il-20 aircraft and placed full responsibility for the incident on the Syrian authorities. The statement of the IDF is available in Hebrew and on Twitter in English .

Israel places full responsibility on the Assad regime for this. Israel also believes that Iran and Hezbollah are involved in this tragic incident.

the Israeli army

The Israeli army noted that it attacked the infrastructure facilities of the Syrian army, where they produced weapons of mass destruction for Hezbollah.

During the Israeli attack, the IL-20 was not in the coverage zone, the statement said. According to this version, when the Syrian air defense forces shot down a Russian airplane, Israeli planes were already in their country.

“Syrian anti-aircraft batteries shot indiscriminately, and as far as we understand, they did not bother to make sure that there are no Russian planes in the air”

Israel promised to provide the Russian government with all the necessary information for the investigation.

In the evening of September 17, the Syrian air defenses shot down the Russian Il-20, carrying 14 people on board. The crash occurred near Latakia, which at that time was attacked by Israeli aircraft. According to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Israeli pilots “irresponsibly” substituted a Russian plane for attack.

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