iOS 12 came out. I spent three months with her: she has only two innovations, for which it is really worth renewing

This is an advanced notification management and group video calls by FaceTime. The rest are trifles.

Although iOS 12 became available for download to all users on September 17, even in the early summer after the WWDC conference, developers could start using it. To use and test applications – could, but publicly talk about what they see in it, not quite: in the developer’s agreement there are certain points about non-disclosure, though I have not heard that for their violation someone was severely punished.

Anyway, closer to the day of release of iOS 12 and especially immediately after the system became available, technological publications vying list the advantages of the system. For example, TechCrunch emphasizes that the main thing in iOS 12 is the speed of work, in Gizmodo pay attention to simplifying functions throughout the system (from photo processing to browser operation). The Verge writes that iOS 12 has breathed life even into older devices, and the list of supported ones is huge – from iPhone X to iPhone SE / 5s and from iPad Pro to iPad Air and iPad mini 2.

A short list of the main new features is on the ” Bill “. A detailed list –  But to dig into them makes sense only to those who want to explore the new system along and across. I spent three months on this and can say that most of the little things in iOS 12 do not deserve the attention it gives.

  • The only new application – “Roulette” – combined the level function (thanks to the gyro) and the actual measuring tape (thanks to AR). But it measures badly: you will not be able to measure this roulette table, refrigerator, cabinet complex shape or anything suitable Anastasia Ivleeva, because “Roulette” works only with large flat surfaces. A room in an empty uninhabited apartment or a pad on the street with good lighting – yes, perhaps. But is it often necessary?
  • A really useful feature is the auto-substitution of one-time SMS passwords in applications. Probably, Google has historically been less concerned with the fact that applications on Android are constantly getting access to each other’s data, and third-party developers have long learned to receive these codes from SMS on their own – but Apple has allowed to do this only in iOS 12. True, this is slightly inconvenient: the code is received not by the application itself, but by the native keyboard, and the user can enter it in one click. For those who, like me, use as their main third-party keyboard, the function will not be very convenient. In addition, the definition of the code in SMS does not always work: probably this is related to the Russian language, and in English the function works better;
  • Shorty Siri (programming fast commands) – this is too difficult for the average user. I’ll start and finish with the fact that for full-fledged management they will need to download a separate application ” Commands “;
  • The “Screen Time” function, of course, visually looks very neat and maybe someone even helps to understand that he spends too much time for scrolling Instagram, chatting in WhatsApp and watching YouTube. But this is akin to warnings on cigarette packs: on those who have problems with Internet addiction, this will not work. The only working scenario is the ability to use this function to limit the time of games and watching YouTube on an iPhone or aypad of a child. True, then, most likely, he will begin to hate his parent, which is too often implicated in technology;
  • Yes, CarPlay will now support third-party navigation applications like Google Maps and Yandex.Navigator. I’m still waiting for updates, but among my acquaintances, who constantly uses this function, there is, perhaps, only one person I know – Valentin Wylsacom Petuhov;
  • Almost no significant functional changes in iOS 12 for the iPad. About the tablets this time, no one even remembers – though, they are most likely “under the hood” brought gestures for the future version of the iPad without a button “Home” and with Face ID;
  • Memoji – I will not even say anything.

But there are two things for the sake of which it’s really worth updating yourself and updating as many loved ones as possible – and many people forget about one of them.

Advanced notification management

Absolutely all users somehow encounter notifications, and if earlier they were shown mixed, now they are grouped by applications. The advantage is that if an application sends too many notifications (for example, an annoying game or an overly eager online edition), the user will only see the last one – and the rest can be opened by clicking, and then scrapped clean if they are not important.

From especially annoying applications you can permanently unsubscribe directly from the notification tape – and if you do not want to apply such extreme measures, you can block notifications temporarily or turn off their sound. In addition, if some application shuts everything off and sends the push, and the user does not open or open them, the system will now prompt the user to turn off these notifications – it happened to me with the RT channel application.

Monitoring of notifications is important in the age of increasing information noise. Apple makes it so that the user can easily navigate – tools to control the noise level at hand, do not need to climb deep into the settings. In the past, problems with notifications were usually solved by deletion of the application: now developers and service administrators are not to be afraid of this, but it’s worth to be afraid of oblivion, and not to part with the push.

In addition, now the Do Not Disturb mode works the way it should have been before – it really does not miss any calls or notifications. You can schedule its inclusion at night: I, it happens, I do not go to bed late, and I have it scheduled from 2 am to 8 am. No notifications, because of which the screen lights up. No calls.

Group calls in FaceTime

While testing iOS 12, in my circle of communication there were not a lot of people who use the beta version and at the same time often talk to me on FaceTime. But in general FaceTime is a very useful thing for those who have a lot of iPhones among friends: with unlimited or very cheap (at least in Russia) mobile Internet, this is a real replacement for all possible calls with much higher quality of sound and video.

But in the case of group video calls, it was still more often necessary to use more classical services (like Skype and Google Hangouts) or specialized (like Appear) services. Now you can call directly through FaceTime: no need to remember anyone’s Skype password, no need to understand the new or already forgotten service – everything is very simple and works without installing additional applications.

And most importantly – up to 32 users at a time. There is no one like this: now you can conduct remote office plans in FaceTime. But for this all you need to translate to iOS 12.

There is, however, one big “but”: during testing of the beta version the company for some reason decided to remove the function of group calls from the final release of iOS 12, but promised to return it “later in the autumn” in one of the other updates. And although it was presented with a pomp on the WWDC scene, the story of the AirPower rug says that not all of the gold that was advertised by Apple.

Anyway – a pleasant update.

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