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In the US, five belchats are entangled in tails

In the US, zoosec- tors rescued five belchats, which were entangled in their parent’s nest by tails.

This was reported by the Rehabilitation Center of the Society for the Protection of Animals in Wisconsin on its Facebook page . They were noticed by one of the local residents and summoned zoozaschitnikov. “In the Gordian knot, stems and pieces of plastic intertwined from their tails, from which their mother vila nest,” they explained.

To untangle the tails, an operation was required, it was performed under general anesthesia. “It was impossible to understand where the tail was, and we were extremely worried because their tissues were badly damaged due to the fact that they were not receiving blood,” the zoo advocates noted. The operation took about 20 minutes, veterinarians used only scissors.

Belchata completely withdrew from anesthesia. Zooprotectants plan to observe them for several weeks to make sure that the blood flow in their tails is fully restored. They emphasize that the tail is a vital part of the body for the protein: it helps it to keep balance and not freeze in cold weather.

In May , a similar incident was reported in Nebraska. Then the six belchat were entangled in their tails and stuck in the tree because of the woody juice.

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