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In St. Petersburg, the businessman Badri Shengelia was killed. He was a prosecution witness in the bribery case against an officer of the UK

“Interfax” suggested that the murder is connected with the role of a businessman in the criminal case of the former head of the Department for Homeland Security

The corpse of a 53-year-old Shengelia with gunshot wounds was in a Mercedes car near Novopriozerskoye Highway. By the car was about 6 shots.

Shengelia was held on the case of Mikhail Maksimenko, the ex-head of the department for his own security of the Investigation Committee of Russia. The Moscow City Court found Maksimenko guilty of receiving two bribes totaling 550 thousand dollars and sentenced him to 13 years of freedom and a fine of 165 million rubles, and also deprived him of the rank of colonel

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