“Game of Thrones” – still the best in the world series

Yes, this year there was no “Game of Thrones”, but this does not prevent the show from being the best. In any case, this follows from the Emmy award ceremony. It should be noted that television projects that were aired between the summer of last year and the beginning of summer of 2018 were awarded.

The seventh season of “Games of Thrones” was marked by a record number of nominations – the series could receive 22 awards! He won, however, only two awards, but prestigious. So, the show was called the best drama series, and Peter Dinklage (Tirion Lannister) – best supporting actor.

Most of all awards (six pieces!) Took a comedy series “The Amazing Mrs. Meisel.” Also noted were the “American history of crimes: the murder of Gianni Versace”, “The Crown,” “Americans,” “The Black Mirror,” and “Forgotten by God.” “World of the Wild West” received only one prize – it went to Tandy Newton for the role of the second plan (Maywe Millet).

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