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Belarusian activists hanged a poster on the joint parade of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht

The action was held near the Brest Fortress. Their poster recalled that World War II began in 1939. This was the answer to graffiti about the Great Patriotic War.

As the activists told “Khartya’97”, the action is aimed at Russian tourists:

“On the next anniversary of the unleashing of the USSR and Germany by the Second World War near the Brest Fortress, alongside propaganda graffiti, a huge poster with photo-frames of the joint parade of the Wehrmacht and Red Army troops appeared in the captured Brest September 22, 1939.

The fact of holding the parade, as well as allied relations between Hitler and Stalin in the events of 1939, was always hushed up by Soviet historiography. Today’s Belarusian authorities also try to push the truth to the far corner, replacing it with ideological myths about the “Great Patriotic War of 1941-45”. The action was primarily aimed at Russian tourists, many of whom do not even suspect that the USSR entered the war on June 22, 1941, and was not the victim, but the aggressor. “

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