Apple has a lot of problems with the wireless charging station AirPower

During the presentation of the next generation iPhone, many analysts and fans of Apple were expecting any announcements on AirPower, a wireless charging device that could simultaneously charge a smartphone, watch and a case for wireless headphones AirPods. However, Apple did not say a word about this station. With the development of AirPower, the company has several problems, solutions for which have not yet been found.

As informed sources familiar with the situation, AirPower in the present form of the prototype contains 21-24 coils, the interference between which significantly reduces the charging efficiency.

During use, because of this number of coils, the station becomes very hot, and the chip that controls the operation of AirPower simply can not work in such conditions.

In addition, there are programmatic difficulties. The display of the charge level and the remaining time fails (especially when several devices are located on the station), which leads to failures to activate the charging.

Apple can still imagine AirPower, but not this year and with a completely different design.

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