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Amazon will release eight new devices with Alexa’s assistant. Among them – microwave oven

According to CNBC, before the end of the year Amazon will present eight new devices with a voice assistant Alexa. Some of the devices will be for home use, and some are intended for use in a car.

Sources say that Amazon is working on a high-end speaker system, which consists of an amplifier, a subwoofer and a “head”. The company is also working on its own microwave oven. All of them will support Alexa, and in some devices the assistant will be immediately integrated.

It is known that some of the devices the company will show during this month. Alexa thanks to Amazon’s strong positions in the young smart-speaker market (by 2024 it will grow to $ 30 billion) is quite a popular helper, and with the advent of new devices, the ecosystem will only expand.

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