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The Ministry of Defense: the missile that was shot down by Boeing in the Donbass belongs to Ukraine

According to the new version of the agency, the gun was sent from Dolgoprudny immediately after production in 1986.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced that the missile of the Buk anti-aircraft system, which was shot down by the MN-17, was sent to Ukraine in 1986. This was announced during the briefing by Lieutenant-General Nikolai Parshin, chief of the Main Missile and Artillery Directorate of the Defense Ministry.

The Office established that on December 29, 1986 the 9m28 missile was transferred to the military unit of 20152 in the Carpathian Military District. According to the Ministry of Defense, now this part is in Ukraine as the 223rd SAM. According to the ministry, the rocket was fired at the Dolgoprudny Research and Production Enterprise. The Ministry learned who received the missile, based on its aircraft number. The military installed it on the serial numbers of the nozzle and engine of the rocket, which in May 2018 was presented by the International Investigation Team, which is conducting an investigation into the collapse of Boeing.

According to the Ministry of Defense, videotapes showing transportation of “Buka” across Ukraine are falsified. The agency claims that the perspective principle and the position of the light source are violated on the rollers. The data of the video recording is used as evidence by an international investigation team.

A shot from the broadcast of the briefing of the Defense Ministry

The Ministry of Defense also presented an audio record with the negotiations of the Ukrainian military in 2016 in the Odessa region. One of the participants in the conversation said “about the possibility of knocking down yet another Malaysian Boeing.” In the opinion of the Russian military, the audio record speaks of involvement in the collapse of the Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ruslan Grinchak.

In May 2018, the International Investigative Group announced that the Buk missile and anti-aircraft complex, which was shot down by the MH-17, belonged to the 53rd SAM missile brigade of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Investigators claimed that their statement was based on an analysis of dozens of photos from social networks that were made while following an escort of 50 cars and six Bukovs.

The Boeing MH-17 was shot down over the territory of Ukraine in July 2014. On board the passenger plane of Malaysia Airlines, following on the Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur voyage, there were 283 passengers and 15 crew members. When analyzing the debris rescuers did not find the survivors.

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