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Seven Sins: How the Russian and Media Versions of the Boeing MH17 Collapsed in the Sky Over Ukraine Changed

We suggest remembering them together.

Today at a regular press conference, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stated that the Boeing-777 flight of the MH17 flight was shot down by the Buk missile system, which in 1986 was sent to the anti-aircraft unit 20152 (Ukrainian SSR, Ternopil region). There was no resonance either in Russia or in the world: the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and Kremlin journalists had already issued more than a dozen contradictory versions concerning the circumstances and perpetrators of the MH17 tragedy.

Dry facts

The Boeing-777 flight MH-17, which was flying from Amsterdam to Kulua-Lumpur, crashed near the village of Grabovo (Ukraine, Donetsk region) at 13:20 UTC on July 17, 2014. When the crash killed 298 people.

Map of the situation in the zone “ATO” on July 17, 2014

At that time, for several months in the east of Donetsk and Lugansk region of Ukraine there was a confrontation between the government troops and the troops of the so-called Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. In addition, from the nature of the damage and fragments of the airliner, it quickly became clear that the plane was shot down. Of course, both sides of the conflict immediately blamed each other – according to Ukraine, militants from the People’s Democratic Republic and the People’s Republic of Germany were involved in the shoot-down. The leaders of the so-called republics, in turn, accused Kiev of provocations.

Spanish Controller Carlos

Russia, which actively supports the LDP and the NDP during the conflict in eastern Ukraine, did not stay aloof from mutual accusations. However, the first charges were brought by Russian journalists connected with the Kremlin.

In the evening of July 17, 2014, the RT website published a tweet allegedly owned by the dispatcher Carlos working at the airport Borispol, where it was alleged that before the wreck of Boeing, Ukraine’s military aircraft were circling next to him. However, there was a confusion – no dispatcher Carlos in Borispol did not exist, the account turned out to be fake.

Later the same story will sound in the performance of the former head of the DNP, Alexander Zakharchenko: he allegedly saw two Ukrainian fighters and Boeing in the clear sky. Nobody has refuted the obvious absurdity.


A little later RT site referring to the information agency Interfax published theopinion of an anonymous source from Rosaviatsia, who claimed that MH17 could suffer instead of Vladimir Putin’s personal side.

I can say that the board number 1 and the Malaysian Boeing intersected at the same point and at the same level. This happened near Warsaw at the 330th echelon at an altitude of 10,100 meters. Bort # 1 was there at 16:21 Moscow time, a Malaysian plane – at 15:44 Moscow time

source of Interfax in Rosaviatsia

The Kremlin has not confirmed the official Kremlin flight of Vladimir Putin’s plane over the Donbas.

Satellite imagery of fighters

Among the unofficial versions of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing over the Donbass, the theory of absurdity was taken by the theory expressed on the air of the analytical program “However,” the press attache of Rosneft state corporation Mikhail Leontiev.

The frames of the “First Channel”

According to the story, announced and commented on by Leontiev, the MiG-29 fired at Boeing’s cockpit and then struck its fuselage with air-to-air missiles. At the same time, both of these fighters were photographed in a satellite image next to the Boeing-777 airplane.

The geometric absurdity of the image was exposed for about an hour. However, Leontiev did not even think of apologizing for the fakes.

The long nose of the Ministry of Defense

A few days after the tragedy, on June 21, Russian state-owned media, citing the Ministry of Defense, reported that a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter was seen near the plane. Later in the materials of the Ministry of Defense this fighter does not appear.

The main version, expressed at the briefings of the Ministry of Defense, was the launch of a missile from the Buk air defense system from territories controlled by Ukrainian security forces. However, the alleged launch site changed from a briefing to a briefing:

  • Initially, the materials from the Ministry of Defense featured the village of Snezhnoe, allegedly under the control of the APU. However, rather quickly independent research groups found the WUAs belonging to the separatists and stationed in the vicinity of the village of Snezhnoe;
  • Further in the materials from the holding “Almaz-Antey” appeared the village of Zaroshchenskoe a few kilometers from the town of Shakhtersk; However, according to both sides, the village was in the deep rear of the Dnieper
Map of the fall of Boeing-777 in eastern Ukraine


The material lists only the loudest versions of the downed Boeing – there was also a secret witness named Voloshin, the SBU reels, bought out by LifeNews. However, the conclusion is already simple enough – can you trust the top ten at the same time truthful and mutually exclusive versions? It seems to me that no. And you can make conclusions by yourself.

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