Samsung Galaxy Note 9 caught fire in her mistress’s handbag

Two years ago, Samsung had to withdraw from the sale of the flagship Galaxy Note 7 due to several incidents of ignition, and airports still have a warning: to carry on board this smartphone is prohibited. The next generation passed, but with the new Note 9 an incident happened .

Real estate agent Dayana Chang did not have time to really enjoy buying the flagship, as he flashed in her purse and burned the cloth. The incident occurred in Long Island. The device sounded like a whistling sound, and then smoke came from the case. At that moment the woman was in the elevator alone. Chang came to the floor from the lobby, and the man helped her: first he tried to put out the device with clothes, and then threw the device into a bucket of water. Only then did Galaxy Note 9 cease to smoke.

The hostess of the smartphone burned her fingers when she got it out of her bag, but without serious health damage.

Samsung noted that the device was “defective”.

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