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Report from Instagram: traditional autumn bike parade in Moscow

Yesterday in Moscow there was a traditional autumn bicycle parade. The length of the route was about thirty kilometers. Despite a heavy downpour that did not stop during the whole race, about twenty thousand people took part in the bicycle parade . The theme of the parade was cartoons.

Why is this important and what do you want with it?

The history of large Moscow bicycle parades began in 2012, and all this time bicycle parades remain independent. Yes, bicycle parades have sponsors and partners, naturally, something can not be done without city services, but the organizers of the parade are ordinary people . For a non-state project, it’s very cool to collect as many people as there are Bogotnaya regularly.
And bike parades seem to work. Slowly and uncertainly, but we (“we” – this is not only in Moscow, but also in other cities of Russia) begins to appear bicycle infra-structure and the culture of riding a bicycle.
In the past few years, thanks to the efforts of Let’s bike it! and local activists on a single day of bicycle parades similar events are held in many cities of Russia. For those who want to conduct bike parade in their city there are recommendations .

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