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Public: “The broken pixel”

Pixel sky above real houses.

From the community of the "Bad Pixel" in "VKontakte"
From the community of the “Bad Pixel” in “VKontakte”

In “VKontakte” the community ” Beat Pixel ” is gaining popularity , the creators of which combine ordinary photos with pixel objects.

asked several questions to the co-author of the project Dmitry Shafrov – and at the same time selected several particularly successful works.

Tell me how the idea of ​​the project appeared, how long have you been making pictures?

Personally, I have a love for pixel graphics from early childhood, when I played in “Segu”. Children have a rich imagination, so I fantasized about “what will happen if the heroes of games are in our world?”

Unfortunately, in my childhood everything was limited only by imagination – I could not show these ideas. Then I grew up, but the child’s imagination did not go anywhere. I decided to quickly master Photoshop and did what I did. As you know, the idea of ​​creating a “Pixel Pixel” appeared in my head before I could do something like that. Public and the first collage appeared on January 9, 2017.

How many people are there now in the project?

The composition was constantly changing, but after the restart it was finally established – it’s me, Veronika Voskresenskaya and Dmitry Soluyanov, only three people.

Where do you get ideas for new collages?

A difficult question. In fact, it’s very difficult to talk about this. Sometimes you just walk down the street, you look at the clouds and you think: “It’s boring. It will be better if they look like this. ” It’s the same with other collages: you need a fantasy to work well.

How do you see the future of the project, do you plan to somehow monetize it?

It’s hard to say what all this will turn into. I would like to become a warm and cozy place for people who like such works. For now, we are moving in this direction and from time to time we are experimenting with the format.

We do not plan to monetize the public, but if the subscribers are interested in pictures, dioramas and interesting things with our works, then we will certainly come up with something.

From the community of the "Bad Pixel" in "VKontakte"
From the community of the “Bad Pixel” in “VKontakte”

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