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Linus Torvalds decided to take a break from developing Linux and took a break

Linux creator Linus Torvalds announced that he is taking a break from the development of the kernel of his system. “I need to change my behavior. I want to apologize to people for the fact that my personal behavior has damaged and perhaps moved away from the development of the kernel, “ he wrote in the Linux Kernel Mailing List.

The last straw was that Linus forgot about the time and place of the October Linux Summit and planned a vacation with his family for these days. As a result, the summit participants decided to move it from Vancouver to Edinburgh, so that Linus would not miss it. The very creator of the Linux kernel wrote that he was somewhat embarrassed by this approach. Because recently, he secretly hoped that he would not have to attend this summit, at which he had been compulsorily present for 20 years.

– In fact, it was not funny, it’s not a good sign, since I had the hope of missing the annual event. I’m not a particularly emotionally sensitive person, “Linus said, adding that he himself contributed to the creation of an unprofessional development environment, reacted too brusquely and sharply to other people’s mistakes and mistakes, which led to a tense atmosphere in the community.

That’s why he decided to take a break, but promises that he will not go away forever and will soon return to developing Linux.

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