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In Germany, a deadly sick fan was brought to the match of the hockey team to fulfill her dream

The team won 4: 1.

Photo courtesy of Crocodiles Hamburg

German hockey team Hamburg Crocodiles fulfilled the dream of a deadly sick fan, 75-year-old Karin Behrendt (Karin Behrendt). The woman wanted to see the game of her favorite club once again live.

What is sick of Berendt – is unknown, however, judging by the photo, she can not move independently and she needs to lie. She had to live “a few weeks”.

Berendt allocated a separate place in the arena, the transportation assistance was provided by the charity company Der Wünschewagen , which fulfills the wishes of the deadly sick.

Crocodiles defeated the Hannover Scorpions with a score of 4: 1. As noted by thepublication Sport 24, after the game, Karen met with the team captain Christopher Schubert.

The team also told the story on its Facebook page.

What an emotional moment! In yesterday’s game against Hannover Scorpions, the fans, the team and all the responsible people showed that Crocodiles is a big family. Karin Berendt is one of us.

In the summer, the 75-year-old [Karen] is very ill, she has to live a few weeks. But Karen had an important dream – to see how her Crocodiles play. Der Wünschewagen helped to fulfill her dream, and the team and the fans took care of the beautiful day.

Thank you for the years of support, dear Karin.

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