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Damage of 222 thousand rubles: the attackers calculated the combinations of gaming machines

The Office of the Investigative Committee completed the case of unusual fraud, the website of the UK reports . At the end of 2016 a group of Russians and Belarusians appeared, led by Russia. They were looking for administrators of gambling halls in Minsk, who installed USB-connectors for money.

After that, the employees rebooted the equipment and the algorithm of work changed. The participants of the group, in the guise of players, visited institutions. With them they had the technical means for streaming images from the screen of machine guns. Further, other attackers processed the data and informed the players the necessary combinations for bonuses.

Each player and administrator was paid 5-10% of the winnings, the rest of the amount went to the Russians. In total, the investigators found more than 40 cases of illegal activity, the damage amounted to a minimum of 222.4 thousand rubles.

The actions of eleven accused are qualified under Part 2 of Art. 349 (unauthorized access to computer information) and part 4 of Art. 209 (fraud committed as part of an organized group) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

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