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“Aliens have nothing to do”: in New Mexico, the observatory will be opened 11 days after the mysterious closure

The authorities’ silence and the involvement of the FBI in the evacuation of employees became an occasion for conspiracy theories in social networks.

Sunshine Solar Observatory

The National Solar Observatory in Sansport (New Mexico) will be reopened on September 17. In early autumn, the FBI evacuated the complex’s employees for unknown reasons and closed it to eliminate “security problems” – this led to theories about the discovery of aliens or Chinese spies.

Versions of conspiracy scientists have appeared because of the ten-day silence of the authorities, news about helicopters over the object and the statements of the sheriff of the local police that they do not tell him anything. On September 16, AURA, which owns the observatory, for the first time shared the details of the closure: federal agents searched in the neighborhood for a certain criminal suspect. Employees of the observatory were evacuated for their safety.

We understand that the lack of information after the closure of the observatory has led to general anxiety. But the details of the evacuation could have warned the suspect and prevented the federal investigation. It was a risk that we could not go to.

AURA representatives

Since September 6 (day of evacuation of the facility) in the media and social networks, there have been many versions of what could happen in SansPot. The main conspiracy theory collected the publication VICE, assigning each rating “truthfulness.”

  • The scientists saw a flash in the telescope in the sun, threatening humanity;
  • The observatory has noticed the wreck of an alien ship;
  • Large leakage of mercury from the telescope;
  • The FBI found out that the observatory had been hacked by Chinese spies;
  • At the site something happened, similar to the plot of the series “Very strange things” – most likely, a portal to another world was opened.

However, the head of the observatory, James McAteer (James McAteer), said that the staff did not see aliens or flares in the sun during research. He promised to publish in public access all the data collected by the telescope in recent weeks to refute the conspiracy theories. “Nothing will remain a secret,” the scientist added.

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