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5 small towns, of which you do not want to leave

Many tourists, traveling in Europe fall in love with the narrow streets of small towns. Is there such a city in our country that you want to stay in.

We collected the top 5 most popular small tourist cities in Russia according to RIA.

1. Ples, Ivanovo region

The city on the Volga annually collects artists, writers and cinematographers. Levitan wrote his “Volga expanses” here. The whole city is one big museum-preserve with unique exhibits and atmosphere.

Despite the population of only 2 thousand people, the city is a large ski resort, attracting tourists in the winter. In summer, you can admire the wooden streets, original buildings, many of which are more than 1000 years old. Every July there is a festival of Old Russian fashion “Linen Palette”.

2. Suzdal, Vladimir region

Often this settlement is called a picturesque town. This is not surprising, since it resembles a fairy-tale city from children’s fairy tales.

This settlement can be considered a museum in the open air, its entire territory is included in the reserve. The business card is a landscape with white-stone walls on the river banks and sparkling in the sun domes of 32 temples. Shurovo hillfort, a museum of wax figures, wooden architecture and white stone buildings in the technique of classicism.

3. Kirillov, Vologda region

The best option for fans of hunting and fishing. Nature around has to serenity and quiet rest.

Rent of wooden houses with access to the lake is in demand here. The main attraction of Kirillov is the magnificent Kirillo-Belozersky monastery. Before the temple In front of the temple there is a fairy-tale house, in which there is a shop of branded ceramics from Kirill.

Another attraction of Kirillov is the park “Russian North”, which stretches from Cherepovets and Vytergi to Veliky Ustyug. Kirillovsky district is located in the heart of this park.

It is actively developing eco-tourism as yet a new direction for Russia, but very promising. Visitors to the park are offered a choice of several routes, in winter skiing, in the summer on foot. You can ride a ferry or steamer along the old North-Dvinsky canal.

4. Bolgar, Tatarstan

Bolgar is one of the most ancient cities. It preserved the architecture of the 13-14 centuries of the Golden Horde.

First of all, it is worth visiting the Cathedral Mosque. The main Bulgarian temple was built in the 60’s. 13th century. The surviving remnants of the mosque give an opportunity to present the monumentality of the central structure of the city.

Near the Cathedral mosque there are the preserved North and East mausoleums. Nearby are the archaeological excavations of the recently discovered Khan Palace. Its territory is covered with a protective roof, and the palace itself is a well-designed place of archaeological excavations.

Architecture with picturesque nature around create a unique landscape.

5. Myshkin, Yaroslavl Region

Visiting Myshkin is a dive into the Merchant Life of the 19th century.

A compact city can be viewed in just one day, but it will leave a lot of impressions. Myshkin will give odds to any city in terms of the number of museums: the mouse museum, the valenok museum, the doll gallery, the Myshkin self-propelled gun, the Miller’s House, the Uspenskaya estate and many many white-stone cathedrals.

The city on the banks of the Volga, in addition to tourist facilities, will enjoy the surrounding nature.

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