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The head of the Georgian Finance Ministry estimated the possible income from the export of marijuana

Moscow. 16 of September. INTERFAX.RU – Minister of Finance Ianet Machavariani called the plans of the Georgian government to establish the production of cannabis in the territory of the country and to export marijuana for medical purposes, which is a new branch for Georgia, which promises big profits in order to defeat poverty.

“In principle, this is a new industry, the oldest culture itself, the intoxication of this potion is old as the world, but the production of hemp products of such products that are used in the medical field is a novelty and is associated with new technologies,” I. Machavariani said. Saturday night in Imedi TV.

According to the minister, this is a very fast growing market in the world, which increases year by year with geometric progression and, according to different forecasts, by 2024-2025 this market will be about $ 25 billion.

“Therefore, it was decided to join this process, strengthen our export potential, and we expect that within the next two to three years we will be able to get 1 billion lari (about $ 400 million) from exports, which is very important for the Georgian economy,” explained the head The Ministry of Finance.

At the same time, he stressed that the production and processing of cannabis are aimed at exporting to the foreign market, and therefore to calculate the exact figure of financial benefit is not so simple given the conjuncture of the international market. “Though, it is assumed that in 2-3 years the export will be about 1 billion lari,” I. Machavariani said, noting that he would be very happy if this figure is greater.

Answering a question about how moral this business is, the minister said that he understands the concern of the conservative part of society, however, common sense should prevail here.

“It is immoral to associate this issue with morality and morality.” If you look at the last decades of our country, the main source of the moral crisis and immorality were poverty and lack of education , that is the problem: the income that will be received (from the export of marijuana – IF), and not only from here, but also from the advanced by the same innovative approaches of the economy, we will raise education and overcome poverty and poverty, “I.Machavariani said.

“I hope that in the long run this will be the basis for an exit from the moral and moral crisis,” the minister added.

Earlier it was reported that the Government of Georgia submitted to the Parliament a draft law on the control of cannabis, together with a package of accompanying bills that envisage the cultivation of cannabis in the country, its processing, and the export of marijuana for medical and perfumery-cosmetic purposes.

The same documents, promulgated on Saturday on the website of the Parliament of Georgia, actually allowing the legal turnover of cannabis, set strict legal framework for maximum restriction and suppression of marijuana consumption, which is allowed in the personal space by the decision of the Constitutional Court.

The Constitutional Court of Georgia in November 2017 satisfied the claim of the opposition party “New Political Center – Girchi” against the parliament, abolishing the criminal punishment for smoking marijuana, and on July 30, 2018, on the suit of the same party, found the norm of the Code of Administrative Offenses unconstitutional and establishing administrative responsibility for the use of marijuana, which, however, caused mixed reactions in the country.

For his part, the Prime Minister of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze stated that this decision “created a new legal reality in the country”, which requires a response of the executive power.

Against the legalization of marijuana, the Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II, who in his Sunday sermon called the “decision of the Constitutional Court” a “big mistake”, declared that the admission of drug use in Georgia is “enmity towards the nation.”

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Like Saakshavilli brought this country to new heights of prosperity. And then it turns out that the country has poverty and lack of education. Suddenly.

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