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Maria Zakharova accused The Bellingcat and The Insider of “sinking” misinformation about Petrov’s involvement in the special services

“Why is The Bellingcat easier overnight” to crack the FMS database “than to get at least one proof of” involvement “of Petrov and Boshirov in poisoning?”

Copy of FMS service documents to Petrova. Image of The Bellingcat and The Insider

The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova responded to the publication of The Bellingcat and The Insider, which showed the application of Alexander Petrov on a passport marked “top secret.” In her opinion, it can be “about a special office, which, under the cover of investigations, deliberately merges the deuce.”

The FMS base was only hacked today? About Petrova and Boshirova London announced a long time. Even before they began to suspect. And all this time there were no “databases”? No, it was not. Because there was another direction of thought: there are no such people at all. That’s what the British police said when they published their photos.

And here people were found. They told about craving for beauty in the form of a spire. And immediately bang – “FMS base” was hacked. Spiers – this is to the world of art, so to speak. But with the database the conversation is extremely concrete.

Maria Zakharova
representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry

The representative of the agency stressed that evidence of involvement of suspects in the incident in Salisbury was never provided.

In comments to Zakharova’s entry, The Insider’s chief editor, Roman Dobrokhotov, promised that the second part of the investigation will be published on Monday, and stressed that the bases were not hacked.

Databases, including passport ones, are freely sold on radio markets, in darknet and anywhere. And they trade – you will be surprised – the very valiant employees of the FMS and law enforcement agencies. And to buy an extract from the FMS, do not need to be an agent of Mi-6.

I just do not understand one thing. If you write that Bellingshkets are spies and that they are hacked, it also means that you recognize the authenticity of documents with the stamp “top secret.”

Roman Dobrokhotov
chief editor of The Insider

On September 14, The Bellingcat and The Insider released the first part of the investigation about Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov – in particular, they published copies of the official documents of the Federal Migration Service with a request to issue a passport to Petrov, noting that the passport and biography file contained a stamp ” do not give any information. “

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