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In Paris, one day will stop the car traffic

The annual action for a day turns the capital of France into a city for pedestrians.

Photo of VizAforMemories / Unsplash

October 16 in Paris, you can walk around the city and not meet a single moving machine – the car traffic will stop for most of the day. The action will be held for the third time, and its authors want to show townspeople and tourists that you can move around Paris without cars, and the city becomes cleaner and safer at the same time.

For several decades the Paris authorities have been systematically reducing the number of cars within the city: since 1990, the use of cars inside city borders has decreased by 45%, and the number of cyclists has increased 10-fold.

In 2017, the city announced that it would ban diesel cars by 2024. Cars that run on gas fuel will be banned by 2030. Old cars are already banned in the center of Paris from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays.

We know that the Parisians are losing six months of life because of pollution. And we want to solve this problem.

Celia Blauel
Deputy Mayor of Paris

Parisians who decided to abandon the car, the city pays a grant of about 700 dollars – it can be spent on buying a bicycle, public transport or payment for a carcher. Small business owners can get from the city about 10 thousand dollars to buy a truck or bus, running on electricity.

In 2017, the Paris authorities announced a doubling of the number of bike lanes and a halving of road transport by 2020.

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