This is how the iPhone X screen looks under the microscope. Cool!

Bored at work, the user Reddit decided to conduct a small scientific experiment. Given that he had at his disposal a whole laboratory and a good microscope. the guy made a series of screenshots of popular mobile devices from Apple.

“Under the knife” were: iPhone X, 10-inch iPad Pro and Apple Watch Series 0. Seen, to put it mildly, bewitches.

Display iPhone X with an increase of 40 times. There are beautiful patterns of colored points of blue, red and green colors.

And this is a hundredfold increase in the OLED display of the iPhone X.

Display 10-inch iPad Pro under a 40-fold increase. The LCD-matrix is ​​installed in the tablet.

And he, but with an increase of 100 times.

Apple Watch Series 0, however, the author did not indicate with which display diagonal his model. However, this is uncritical. The display is under a microscope with a 40-fold magnification.

For comparison, the author gave a picture of a low-resolution display. The morally outdated TN-matrix is ​​clearly not rich in the number of subpixels.

This is it, the macrocosm of displays of mobile devices Apple. Reddit ]

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