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The production of the Russian ergonomic pistol will begin in 2019

Kalashnikov Media

The Russian concern “Kalashnikov” in 2019 will begin mass production of the pistol of Lebedev. About this, according to “Kalashnikov Media”, said Alexander Gvozdik, managing director of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, which will be assembled new weapons. According to him, the pistol is planned to be produced in combat and civil versions.

The Lebedev pistol was developed in the beginning of 2010 by a sports shooter and designer Dmitry Lebedev. The main attention in the weapon, among other things, was paid to the balancing and ergonomics, which the experienced shooter can significantly improve the accuracy of the fire on the head.

The development of the Lebedev pistol, which received the designation PL-15 (version of 2015), is conducted in the interests of Russian special services. In addition, it is planned to supply new weapons to the Russian Land Forces and the police. Details about the upcoming serial production of the gun are not specified.

The PL-15 is designed for the use of cartridges caliber 9×19 millimeters Parabellum. The weapon has a length of 220 millimeters (barrel length 127 millimeters), a width of 28 millimeters and a height of 136 millimeters. The basic version of the pistol is equipped with a box magazine for 14 rounds.

The weapon is relatively compact with an ergonomic handle. It has a small distance between the backplate of the handle and the central axis of the barrel bore – the trunk is slightly higher than the upper point compressing the palm handle. This solution allowed to better control the return of the pistol, increase the accuracy and speed of fire, and also to reduce the re-aiming time after the shot.

The switches for the fuse and the gate delay and the store latch button are two-sided. This is done for the convenience of using the gun right-handed and left-handed. The automation of the pistol of Lebedev works according to the principle of short recoil of the barrel. Locking is made by a misalignment of a trunk.

The trigger is triggered by a self-cocking, homing type with a hidden location and an inertia drummer. When the fuse is on, the trigger and trigger are disconnected. In general, the trigger is triggered in such a way that the weapon can not produce a spontaneous shot, even if it falls from a height.

In PL-15, the trigger pull force is four kilograms; the length of the hook’s stroke is 7 millimeters. The pistol is equipped with a tactile indicator of the presence of the cartridge in the barrel channel – if there is a cartridge in the rear part of the shutter a special pin acts, allowing to determine by touch the weapon is loaded.

In July this year, the American company Ideal Conceal began selling thesame-name gun concealed wearing. The cost of weapons made folding and disguised as a smartphone, in mass sale is 500 dollars.

When folded, the gun is difficult to distinguish from the smartphone – the body of the weapon is rectangular, there are simulations of power and volume buttons, as well as cameras. Pressing one of the buttons opens the latch, and then the casing can be flipped from the opposite side of the casing. In the folded state, it becomes the handle and gives access to the trigger.

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